Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun with Friends

So many stories, where do we start?

Sibling Love

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two peas in a pod

Angelina is so in love with her baby brother, she never wants to leave his side. This will be interesting in a few years. You can bet I will remind her of this as she yells "Lenaïc! Leave me alone!"

She often wants to sleep with him.
We don't normally let her, since she has a tendency to move all over the bed and throw her blanket around, and that's not safe for him. However, one morning I let her crawl into bed with us and after I left (checking in on them frequently) she moved over closer to him.

It's very sweet, and it's amazing how much space two very small people can take.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Smiley Buddha

This picture pretty much shows Lenaïc's personality: Mr Smiley. He is always laughing. Even when sick.

We had an ER trip in the wee hours of Sunday April 25 due to a high fever and some vomitting. The nurse on the 24-hr on call line suggested we bring him in. Through it all, he was smiling. Yes, even with a fever of 103.3F (39.61C) he was smiling. Well, except when the nurse couldn't find the vein in his fat arms and was digging for it.

They didn't identify anything specific, just elevated white blood cells suggesting an infection. After some rocephin and more motrin, fever came down and stayed low-grade all week, so I figured he was getting better.

Then Saturday night hit again. What is it with Saturday nights? Good thing we're not wild partiers.... he woke up near midnight, this time 104.3F (40.17F). I couldn't remember the cut-off for I called the 24-hour nurse line for guidance. Panic button is 105F, so we took a lukewarm bath and gave some more motrin which brought it down to 102F and no ER trip. And yes, he was still smiling and laughing. Ended up at the pediatrician on Monday who said it looked like an ear infection, so now he's having his first (and hopefully only for a very long time) course of antibiotics. Finally after 2 more days of high fever, it's back down to low grade. Hopefully it stays that way. It's no fun having a sick kid, but he makes it easier by smiling so much. :)

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