Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More pictures

For those not on facebook, here's the link for the Beach photos. Goleta Beach
More CA photos to come!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Someone is missing Papa

Frédéric has been gone since Sunday.

Angelina has handled it better than usual, but still not easy. Tonight, after a crisis about something I couldn't figure out, she finally cried "I want Papa!" and then it was clear.

I managed to distract her with a trip to Friendly Spot (or rather, Lily and Wilson and a few other kids did the distracting). Then to bed.

Angelina: "Mommy, Papa needs to come home and sleep in his bed."
Me: "Honey, he's in Sweden right now but he'll be home tomorrow to sleep in his bed."
Angelina: "He's in Sweden? But he can't sleep! he doesn't have his bed! He really really really needs to sleep in *his* bed!"
Me: "I'm sure he has a bed in Sweden."
Angelina: "No Mommy. There are no beds in Sweden. He has to come home to sleep!"

And there you have it. There are no beds in Sweden.

But then, she's always been a Daddy's girl, even from a couple of weeks old:

Monday, August 23, 2010

A college reunion!

And lucky for me I went to college in a gorgeous place: Santa Barbara. I can't believe I haven't been back in about 15 years or so. Now I've visited again, I wonder why I ever left. University ON the beach. Who could ask for more?

Thanks to facebook I've reconnected with some old college friends. One, Hyun, I credit for getting me through my first year at UCSB. See, he was the only one on our floor with a computer in 1987. Many a night my roomate Jen and I sat up in Hyun's room writing papers on a PC with a dot matrix printer.

Hyun still lives in SB with a wonderful wife and two of the cutest kids ever. He's also a great photographer. You need to check back for the rest of the photos (they're too big, so I need to do some work to manipulate them so I can post them, though they are on facebook already). But here are a few:

2.5 weeks in California = a lot to tell. So check back for more stories and pictures.

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