Thursday, August 26, 2010

Someone is missing Papa

Frédéric has been gone since Sunday.

Angelina has handled it better than usual, but still not easy. Tonight, after a crisis about something I couldn't figure out, she finally cried "I want Papa!" and then it was clear.

I managed to distract her with a trip to Friendly Spot (or rather, Lily and Wilson and a few other kids did the distracting). Then to bed.

Angelina: "Mommy, Papa needs to come home and sleep in his bed."
Me: "Honey, he's in Sweden right now but he'll be home tomorrow to sleep in his bed."
Angelina: "He's in Sweden? But he can't sleep! he doesn't have his bed! He really really really needs to sleep in *his* bed!"
Me: "I'm sure he has a bed in Sweden."
Angelina: "No Mommy. There are no beds in Sweden. He has to come home to sleep!"

And there you have it. There are no beds in Sweden.

But then, she's always been a Daddy's girl, even from a couple of weeks old:


Gloria P said...

She sounds so sweet. FTR I have been to Sweden and they DO have beds, just like Switzerland. And California. Safe travel wishes for Papa and hugs to A and L.

Cherise said...

But not HIS bed ;-). Actually, I think his bed is IKEA, by way of Switzerland.

Mélanie A. said...

I love your post. She sounds so sweet

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