Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tupperware Party

A certain little someone is approaching her First Birthday, and Mommy and Papa are planning a big party. We debated having a theme - Dora? Ariel? Cinderella? but at this point she's not really into anything in particular.

So Fredo said "Let's have a Tupperware Party, that's what she likes the best." So don't send her toys, send Tupperware. Or toilet paper rolls (with the paper gone, just the cardboard part), she loves those too. Oh, and empty water bottles.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

One year ago today

We were celebrating the impending birth of this little creature we had yet to meet. The gang threw us a Soccer themed shower, as it was amidst the World Cup. We already knew it, but this reminded us of how lucky Angelina is to enter this world with such a wonderful group of friends around.

And I can't believe I was actually that big!

Un bateau and a trip to Toulouse

Alas, only Papa went on the trip while Angelina stayed home with Mommy. Frédéric had yet another meeting in Europe, this time in Toulouse, France. We'd hoped to join him, but it just wasn't feasible, so off he went for 8 days. Not a long time, but long enough for me to wonder how single parents manage. It was hard! Didn't help that I started my new job that week while he was eating foie gras and having wonderful wine all week. But the little munchkin and I managed, and Papa brought home a very cool present. Angelina just loves her new bateau. She never wants to get out of the bathtub now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So she has something from me afterall!

Since she was born, Angelina has had a sort of 'lazy left eye' - this picture is from November (4 months old) but you can see it clearly. At first we thought it might have something to do with the sedation, but then it persisted. Her whole left side of her body was sort of smushed in utero, as her foot was turned in a bit and her arm and lef veered in (hard to explain). Only just slightly, but obvious to us. All of it improved with time, but we've noticed in the last month or so the left eye still drags. She can open it fully, and once open it's not obvious, it's only when she just starts opening her eyes that you can see it.

I got a new ID picture at work, and was looking at it the other day. What did I notice? The exact same eye! My left eye is also 'lazy'. It opens big and wide, but when I'm tired (or smiling, apparently), it doesn't open fully and lags behind. When I got home I showed the ID card to Fredo and just said "look at this" without saying why. Took him about 1/2 a second and said "That's where she gets it! She has your eye!" 37 years, and I never noticed this. I hope she doesn't get any other of my body parts!

Monday, June 11, 2007

One year ago....

We were frantically working on the bedroom so we'd have one room in the entire house that was a 'safe'zone when this then unknown baby arrived. Given that we planned a homebirth, we needed at least one room in decent shape. It was horrific. Thanks to some great friends (Ann, Garth, Kyle, Marisa), we managed to get the house into some sort of order. It's hard to think it's been nearly a year.

Work on the house has slowed substantially, but that's because a certain little someone occupies our time.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

New beginnings for Mommy

Another new start for me. Now that Mommyhood is here (and wifedom too), no more world wanderings for me. I confess I miss traipsing off to tropical jungles, but I happen to like being with the husband and kid too :). A couple of years ago I moved from working on international infectious diseases to those a bit more local, with the local health department. Now I get to broaden my horizons a bit. It's not quite international, but one element is. I've been offered a new opportunity with the state health department, a regional office based here in San Antonio, but covering 29 counties, including a number of border counties. That means I get to do some work
on the US-Mexico border. Not the same as the Thai-Burma border, but it'll do.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Helping mommy file

I'm finally trying to organize. Angelina decided she wanted to help...

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