Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So she has something from me afterall!

Since she was born, Angelina has had a sort of 'lazy left eye' - this picture is from November (4 months old) but you can see it clearly. At first we thought it might have something to do with the sedation, but then it persisted. Her whole left side of her body was sort of smushed in utero, as her foot was turned in a bit and her arm and lef veered in (hard to explain). Only just slightly, but obvious to us. All of it improved with time, but we've noticed in the last month or so the left eye still drags. She can open it fully, and once open it's not obvious, it's only when she just starts opening her eyes that you can see it.

I got a new ID picture at work, and was looking at it the other day. What did I notice? The exact same eye! My left eye is also 'lazy'. It opens big and wide, but when I'm tired (or smiling, apparently), it doesn't open fully and lags behind. When I got home I showed the ID card to Fredo and just said "look at this" without saying why. Took him about 1/2 a second and said "That's where she gets it! She has your eye!" 37 years, and I never noticed this. I hope she doesn't get any other of my body parts!

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