Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Rock Pile is So Much Fun

She wants to share it with Chakapu (that's who she's calling)


Angelina's Favourite thing: Running through water.

A couple of weeks ago we met Wiley, Felice, and their 2 cousins at HemisFair. Angelina was, of course, in Heaven.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nana and Tia

Angelina has taken to calling her daycare provider (a wonderful 'older' - as in she has a grown daughter - woman) "Nana." I have no idea where that came from, nor does she. Angelina just started saying it, but we all like it. I've heard other kids call their babysitters 'mommy' which kind of freaked me out. And though "Nana" is close to "Nanny" (my mom's grandma-moniker), it's distinct enough that there's no confusion. And "Nana" likes being called that too. The other day as we arrived and I rang the doorbell, Angelina knocked on the door shouting "Nana! Nana!" When it opened, Angelina had to show her the tissue in her hand. "Look Nana!" This has become a daily ritual. Angelina must have something in her hands to show Nana when we arrive...

Then there's "Tia." For a short time, the babysitter had a helper there, a younger woman named Mary. For some reason - and no one seems to know why - Angelina started calling her "Tia." All well and good. But I've noticed now that whenever we are around other youngish women (and by young I mean not grandmothers), she calls them "Tia." It's actually pretty sweet. I like the fact that she thinks of everyone as her 'auntie,' especially as she doesn't get to see her biological aunties very often.

Then there are the boys... that same morning she was so focused on showing "Nana" the tissue, she caught a glimpse of Noah sitting down and she could care less about Maman or Nana. She yelled NOAH! and went racing over. Noah is the almost 5 yr old who is sweet and quiet and shy and probably has no clue why this 2 yr old girl thinks he's the bees knees. His only competition is Wiley. As it is when we approach the house, she shouts "Noah!" Poor kid doesn't know what hit him. She loves all the kids there, and talks about them a lot, but Noah is the one we hear about most. Poor Wiley, he thought he was the favourite! He still is, when he's present...(and showing her bad habits like using the rock pile as a slide!)

This girl and her older men....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Queen of the Mountain

In addition to our dirt and mulch pile, we now have a crushed limestone pile. It's being used for our foundation perimeter, but for now, it's a new place to play.

I blame Wiley for teaching her this....she has so much fun, but the end result is a diaper full of rocks and her body covered in dust. The first time they did it, I had slathered all 3 kids (Wiley, Felice, and Angelina) with sunscreen. So not only were they covered, it was sticky! She's having a blast though.

An Angel in Our Midst

Or maybe the devil in disguise?

Ok, so she's no devil, but she is a big stinker! She is SUCH the party girl. We had two evening parties this weekend (Happy Birthday Cory and Rich!) and even though it was well past her bedtime both nights, she was in her GLORY. This child was just happy as can be, running around, laughing, talking to everyone, sharing her toys, being the life of the party. Rich's parents (who've only seen her once before seeing her 2x this weekend) commented on what an Angel she is. Prachet claims she never cries because he's never seen her cry. Everyone at both parties was convinced she's just always the happiest kid ever.

She is.


I knew we'd pay for it Sunday...well, Saturday afternoon too. I think it's just because she's bored when it's only us. No audience. During the day she's Miss Cranky Pants. And then there's the much needed nap...usually requiring much crying before she finally konks out. But in the evening, at a party? She's the Star!

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