Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We're trendy and old fashioned at the same time

Apparently it's all the rage now to use cloth diapers. Who'd have thought?! We're just cheap (and try to be ecologically minded at the same time). It's pretty funny to read about all the 'hip' parents using cloth diapers. Nanny - you hear that? You were "hip!"

But here's the twist, the old flat or prefold diapers are old fashioned. The hip mommas use 'pocket' diapers. At $15-25 a piece, however, that's sooooo not worth it. Prefolds aren't just your mother's prefold nappies though. Yes, cloth diapering has come a long way. No more pins. You can use snappis - elasticy thingies with 'teeth' to hold the diaper in place, but we don't bother. We just put a wrap around the diaper and that holds it in place.

Our friends are always so impressed, but really it's no big deal. You get past the ick factor super fast. I mean, it's icky no matter how you look at it, so it doesn't matter. Just rinse, toss in the bucket, toss in our super duper energy/water efficient front loading washer. Line dry. Presto. And what's best: cloth diapers rarely leak. We've had super blowouts with disposables (we use them sometimes when we take her out): Poop all the way up her back, all over her clothes. But with cloth? Hardly ever happens.

Who knew it could be so easy?
And if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out http://www.diaperpin.com

Ces yeux !

Even at a few days old, her eyes were amazing. They had this power to look into your soul. She didn't seem to be saying "pick me up mommy", she seemed to be saying "it's ok, mommy, I'm going to be alright."

They're so big and intense. Whether they're laughing, crying, or examining the world around her, they have this special power.

It's the first thing everyone comments about when they see her......

"Those eyes!"

Monday, February 26, 2007

Adventures with Food

Learning to sit up

Learning to sit up is fun! Around 5.5 months, Angelina began to sit up, but with help. By 6.5 months she could manage to stay up a bit longer:

But there was still a limit.....

Now at almost 8 months she's a Sitting Master.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Daycare woes

Since Sept 25, Angelina has been going to an in-home daycare on the Air Force Base where I work. Though at first I was a little hesitant leaving her at an in-home place (only one adult present), Frèdèric really preferred it to a center. We had interviewed the babysitter, spent some time at the house, and decided to go for it. Well, it's turned out better than I could have ever imagined. There are kids ranging in age from her 10 month old son to her 10 yr old daughter. All day she plays with the 10 month old, who teaches her all the tricks he's just learned, the 15 month old and the 2 2 yr olds who call her 'Ina". After school the two 5 yr olds are there to laugh and play with her. Angelina loves it, the interaction is great, her babysitter is wonderful, and I am just 2 minutes away.

Alas, they are a military family, and though they've spent all but 3 of their military years in San Antonio, her husband is being sent to Hawaii. Not so bad as Iraq, which was on the horizon if they didn't take this posting. No one can complain about Hawaii, really. And I'm glad for them it's not Iraq. But now I have to find another daycare provider! They leave in a month.

I've had a pit in my stomach since she told me Friday. I'm already missing them. Angelina is going through a bit of stranger anxiety right now, but she's just so so happy when she's there. I'm so nervous about her not settling in at another place. More importantly, it's hard to imagine another situation that's just as good.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Well, Nanny left and the good weather came out. This weekend was the first gorgeous weekend - 75F, perfectly sunny in forever. Ok, only maybe 2 months, and we've had occasional days of that so it's not like we're in the frozen north, but we're spoilt.

After Angelina took a very brief morning nap, we said "We need to go out and enjoy this instead of working on the house." So after nixing Government Canyon because it's near the "Helotes Mulch Fire" (more on that another day) and therefore too smokey, having never been to the San Antonio Zoo, we decided it was a good day to go. Apparently the rest of San Antonio's 1.5 million people had the same idea. We arrived to find every parking lot packed. Finally found a spot and walked over. The neat thing about our zoo is it's near a park and Japanese tea Gardens. It has a little old-fashioned train that runs around it. All in all it's a neat setting.

So we made our way over to the entrance to find massive lines. After waiting awhile we decide we want to get year memberships, but that's another line. So we move over there. No kidding, we waited ONE HOUR. I swear they were doing background checks, I can't believe it took so long. Fortunately it was in the shade, and Angelina was happy as a clam flirting with everyone around her. The two kids next to us (about 5 and 6) were not so happy, but Angelina's smile seemed to cheer them up.

We finally made it into the Zoo, and Angelina was enthralled. She adores dogs and cats (though Chakapu's opinion on that matter is still not clear). I'm not sure she realized the cheetah was anything more than a big version of Chakapu.... she seemed pretty interested in all the animals, until of course it was time to nurse and nap. It's a nice zoo, we're looking forward to exploring other parts of it.
The best part of the day? Having Mommy and Papa at her service!

Friday, February 23, 2007

2AM is NOT Party time!

Well, that's what *I* say. A little Miss somebody thinks it is. For some reason the last few nights, Angelina has been falling asleep at her usual 7ish, woken up at 10pm to nurse, as usual, and again at 2am-ish (I don't see the clock, but that's my estimate) to nurse, as usual. Then she's wide eyed as can be. No crying, since Mommy and Papa are right next to her, just rolling and laughing and wanting to play. Leaving her in her crib doesn't help, as then she can't see us and she *does* cry. I try to not engage her, not look her in the eyes, just rub her gently, say 'shhhh'. Nope. She's ready to party.

When she's 18 and living on her own and wants to party at 2am, I won't say a word. But at 8 months old, it's NOT party time! Frèdèric reminded me of a onesie we saw that said "Party at 2Am, BYOB - bring your own bottle." Perhaps Angelina took that to heart.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Maybe Nanny taught her this

Nanny was here for 10 days, and once she left, Angelina has been doing this hand flip thing (very hard to get in a picture). I think she's waving "bye-bye', but sometimes it's like "get away from me." Now she just does it whenever she gets excited.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Medicinal Beer

Getting ready to leave for this conference, I had to make sure I had enough milk frozen. As it happens, the 2 weeks before I just wasn't producing much, at least not for the pump. Angelina seemed satisfied, but I needed my stash.
Months ago I was told to eat oatmeal frequently to keep my milk supply up. However it didn't seem to be working lately. I dtink Mother's Milk tea daily (a combo of blessed thistle, fenugreek, fennel, and a few other things). I like it, but it has no effect. Then I remembered beer. I had avoided it for awhile because the one time I'd had it, Angelina had horrible gas. I decided to try it again, but limit to one per night.
Well, 4 nights of stout (not all Guinness), and the milk was overflowing!
Hooray for beer!

First time away from my angel

I had to go to a conference last week, sort of last minute. It was at a fancy resort in Orlando, FL. Mom was going to come with me if I brought Angelina along. But Fredo said he could manage alone with her for the 2.5 days (including 3 evenings, I returned about 11pm on the 3rd night). Now, he's perfectly competent, Angelina is very happy with him, should be no problem. But here's the catch - she still nurses to sleep every night, nurses 3+ times per night, and takes bare minimum by bottle during the day, saving it up for when mommy is home.

Clearly, I had reason to worry. But he convinced me, I had enough milk stashed in the freezer, and off I went on Sunday afternoon. In the end, it was harder on me than on them! I was a wreck the hours before leaving, but tried not to show Angelina how I felt. I was fighting back tears at the airport.

Though I've left her at daycare, I've never left her overnight. She sleeps with us, so at night is only a few inches from me all night long. I thought I'd relish 2 full nights in a big king bed all too myself. Hah! Something was missing. I couldn't sleep. I had to get up to pump anyway. And though Frederic says she missed me (he missed me, since he had to get up for those night feedings, including warming the bottles), she not only did fine, she started doubling the amount of milk she took by bottle at daycare.

In the end, I'm glad I went, it was a worthwhile meeting. But I sure won't be going away again soon. Angelina can handle it fine, but mommy can't!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Yes, Angelina's pearly whites - well, one of them - have made their way to the surface. It's just barely poking out. So far it doesn't hurt *me*, but maybe I'll worry when there's a second one. She had a bought of wakefulness this weekend. Wouldn't sleep to save her life, but wasn't particularly cranky, the stuff I'd have expected with teething. I hope that's it and she naps this weekend!

And to add to the fun, she can sit up now. She's been able to sit for awhile, with help. Lately she's maanaged to stay up for a few minutes before she finally crashes over.

sniff sniff. She's growing up. What's next, cars and boys?

pictures to come...

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