Sunday, February 25, 2007

Daycare woes

Since Sept 25, Angelina has been going to an in-home daycare on the Air Force Base where I work. Though at first I was a little hesitant leaving her at an in-home place (only one adult present), Frèdèric really preferred it to a center. We had interviewed the babysitter, spent some time at the house, and decided to go for it. Well, it's turned out better than I could have ever imagined. There are kids ranging in age from her 10 month old son to her 10 yr old daughter. All day she plays with the 10 month old, who teaches her all the tricks he's just learned, the 15 month old and the 2 2 yr olds who call her 'Ina". After school the two 5 yr olds are there to laugh and play with her. Angelina loves it, the interaction is great, her babysitter is wonderful, and I am just 2 minutes away.

Alas, they are a military family, and though they've spent all but 3 of their military years in San Antonio, her husband is being sent to Hawaii. Not so bad as Iraq, which was on the horizon if they didn't take this posting. No one can complain about Hawaii, really. And I'm glad for them it's not Iraq. But now I have to find another daycare provider! They leave in a month.

I've had a pit in my stomach since she told me Friday. I'm already missing them. Angelina is going through a bit of stranger anxiety right now, but she's just so so happy when she's there. I'm so nervous about her not settling in at another place. More importantly, it's hard to imagine another situation that's just as good.

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