Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Well, Nanny left and the good weather came out. This weekend was the first gorgeous weekend - 75F, perfectly sunny in forever. Ok, only maybe 2 months, and we've had occasional days of that so it's not like we're in the frozen north, but we're spoilt.

After Angelina took a very brief morning nap, we said "We need to go out and enjoy this instead of working on the house." So after nixing Government Canyon because it's near the "Helotes Mulch Fire" (more on that another day) and therefore too smokey, having never been to the San Antonio Zoo, we decided it was a good day to go. Apparently the rest of San Antonio's 1.5 million people had the same idea. We arrived to find every parking lot packed. Finally found a spot and walked over. The neat thing about our zoo is it's near a park and Japanese tea Gardens. It has a little old-fashioned train that runs around it. All in all it's a neat setting.

So we made our way over to the entrance to find massive lines. After waiting awhile we decide we want to get year memberships, but that's another line. So we move over there. No kidding, we waited ONE HOUR. I swear they were doing background checks, I can't believe it took so long. Fortunately it was in the shade, and Angelina was happy as a clam flirting with everyone around her. The two kids next to us (about 5 and 6) were not so happy, but Angelina's smile seemed to cheer them up.

We finally made it into the Zoo, and Angelina was enthralled. She adores dogs and cats (though Chakapu's opinion on that matter is still not clear). I'm not sure she realized the cheetah was anything more than a big version of Chakapu.... she seemed pretty interested in all the animals, until of course it was time to nurse and nap. It's a nice zoo, we're looking forward to exploring other parts of it.
The best part of the day? Having Mommy and Papa at her service!

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