Friday, February 23, 2007

2AM is NOT Party time!

Well, that's what *I* say. A little Miss somebody thinks it is. For some reason the last few nights, Angelina has been falling asleep at her usual 7ish, woken up at 10pm to nurse, as usual, and again at 2am-ish (I don't see the clock, but that's my estimate) to nurse, as usual. Then she's wide eyed as can be. No crying, since Mommy and Papa are right next to her, just rolling and laughing and wanting to play. Leaving her in her crib doesn't help, as then she can't see us and she *does* cry. I try to not engage her, not look her in the eyes, just rub her gently, say 'shhhh'. Nope. She's ready to party.

When she's 18 and living on her own and wants to party at 2am, I won't say a word. But at 8 months old, it's NOT party time! Frèdèric reminded me of a onesie we saw that said "Party at 2Am, BYOB - bring your own bottle." Perhaps Angelina took that to heart.

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