Monday, January 22, 2007


Almost. We started Christmas Day and haven't been very consistent. I'm making the food myself - super easy, just boil and puree, then freeze in ice cube trays. I do that with breastmilk too so she can have a momsicle :). As you can see, about 10% gets in her mouth, but she's having fun.

The amount of laundry we do just increased....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Our tall and skinny baby!

I think she just weighed less due to the MAJOR poop she had just before going to the doctor. I swear she must have dropped a pound!

Angelina is now 26.5in long (75th percentile; 67.3cm), 15.6 lbs -though she feels like 20lbs - (45th percentile, 7.07Kg)

I'm hoping she takes after her dad instead of her mom.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our current 'foster' baby

Really! He's not permanent, altho he does bring some more male hormones into the house. Our babysitter picked up this little stray, hoping to find a sucker to take him. After a few days of watching Angelina play with him, I brought him home (thinking maybe our neighbor who's expressed interest in a cat will take him)...

He's adorable as can be, has an extra toe on his front paw, and lets Angelina pull on his hair and poke his eyes with hardly a complaint. Chakapu terrorized him the first night, but now acts like a bossy older sister - alternating between chasing him around, teaasing him, showing him the ropes, and hiding out.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What brings Texas to her knees?

A little dip in temperature.

It's barely below freezing here, but that was enough to shut down the city. I'm not complaining, I only worked a few hours yesterday and stayed home today. Having lived in the cold north, it seems laughable. But given how badly Texans drive in great weather, the roads would be terrifying now. Actually, to be fair, it's been freezing rain/sleeting since Saturday afternoon (the morning of which was warm enough for me to wear shorts!) and the roads are basically sheets of ice. And I can't complain about Texans not being able to drive in harsh conditions, I can't either. When in CT and IN, I always just rode my bike or walked when the snow fell. Driving scares me.

So we're bundled up at home, looking at white-covered trees and hearing about the big "Arctic Blast."

About that tree...see "If A Tree Falls" which should have been posted in early December (see house blog)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Everything is bigger in America

We finally got Angelina a dresser and changing table all her own (she was using her Papa's dresser). IKEA opened in Austin, and Frederic being the European he is, had to go. A small fortune and van load of things later, we came home and he set it up. It's great. Only problem? It's European. Why is that a problem? Well, everything is smaller in Europe. Oh, all her stuff fits fine, except the changing pad. Apparently we have an American changing pad which is too big, and it's the standard here.

So now I either get crafty and make one, we live with the one we have which now has to be used in an awkward position, or we go to Europe for a new one. I guess I know what's on the shopping list for the next trip to Switzerland.
For now we just use it the other direction, but it's not ideal. Can't explain why, but it's kind of awkward.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

6 months old today!

How fast time flies! Angelina is growing so fast. No idea of her actual weight but I guess around 16 lbs. She's outgrown her 6month/68cm clothes, so she's tall too. No, she's not sitting or crawling yet. She kind of swims when on her tummy. She also doesn't really roll over without help. I think she's going to crawl before she rolls over, she seems more interested in moving forward. The almost 9 month old at daycare seems to teach her everything, so as he crawls, she tries to follow.

Christmas was a blast. She of course could care less about the presents, but ripping wrapping paper and putting it in her mouth was sure her idea of fun. Then there was New Year's Eve. Since we're downtown with a great view of the fireworks, we had a gathering. Angelina is *such* the social butterfly. As soon as people are in the house, she's awake and smiling and wants to interact with everyone. She refuses to sleep until the last people leave...I wonder where she gets that from?

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