Wednesday, January 03, 2007

6 months old today!

How fast time flies! Angelina is growing so fast. No idea of her actual weight but I guess around 16 lbs. She's outgrown her 6month/68cm clothes, so she's tall too. No, she's not sitting or crawling yet. She kind of swims when on her tummy. She also doesn't really roll over without help. I think she's going to crawl before she rolls over, she seems more interested in moving forward. The almost 9 month old at daycare seems to teach her everything, so as he crawls, she tries to follow.

Christmas was a blast. She of course could care less about the presents, but ripping wrapping paper and putting it in her mouth was sure her idea of fun. Then there was New Year's Eve. Since we're downtown with a great view of the fireworks, we had a gathering. Angelina is *such* the social butterfly. As soon as people are in the house, she's awake and smiling and wants to interact with everyone. She refuses to sleep until the last people leave...I wonder where she gets that from?


sarahaarssen said...

Happy belated 6th month birthday Angelina!!!!

The pictures are just too cute. I don't know how parents of babies this cute get anything done... I'd just sit and look at her all day long!!!

Great pictures!

Cherise said...

Sarah, that's often what we do :). But that's not my excuse for never getting everything done. We're just exhausted!

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