Monday, January 15, 2007

Everything is bigger in America

We finally got Angelina a dresser and changing table all her own (she was using her Papa's dresser). IKEA opened in Austin, and Frederic being the European he is, had to go. A small fortune and van load of things later, we came home and he set it up. It's great. Only problem? It's European. Why is that a problem? Well, everything is smaller in Europe. Oh, all her stuff fits fine, except the changing pad. Apparently we have an American changing pad which is too big, and it's the standard here.

So now I either get crafty and make one, we live with the one we have which now has to be used in an awkward position, or we go to Europe for a new one. I guess I know what's on the shopping list for the next trip to Switzerland.
For now we just use it the other direction, but it's not ideal. Can't explain why, but it's kind of awkward.


Riana said...

oh no! Ikea sells changing pads, maybe it will fit the dressor?? I can always send you one too ;)

Cherise said...

Thanks Riana, I thought about asking you what you have, but you probably made it. The IKEA changing pads are lousy inflatable things I don't like. We're either going to make one, live with what we have, or Frederic will look for something in CH when he goes in April.

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