Friday, April 25, 2008

Bouncing, Boat rides and Birthdays

(Thanks to Angela for these 2 pictures)

A few weeks ago we joined our neighbor, Felice, for her 3rd birthday party at the Kiddie Park. What fun! Besides the party being fun, we got to check out a San Antonio icon. The Kiddie Park is a small amusement park that's been there since the 1930s (and looks it). At first Angelina was hesitant about the rides, but then I couldn't get her off. I lost track of how many times she went around in the boats. I finally had to pull her off kicking and screaming.

The day before we had a similar experience at our friend Katarina's 2nd birthday party. They had a bouncy castle which at first, Angelina was afraid to approach. By the end of the party we had to pull her kicking and screaming from the thing.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


No pictures to post, because I stupidly forgot my camera, but what a day! Today we celebrated Songkran at the Thai Temple in San Antonio. I didn't even know there was a Thai Temple. It's tucked away in a beautiful area, quite hidden by suburbia. The folks who run Bubblehead in Southtown invited us to join them for Thai New Year and the water festival, and of course, Thai Food. Oh my GOD was there incredible Thai food! I've been craving it so much lately I've been having Thai lunches at local restaurants more than my wallet should let me, all ok, but never quite like 'home' (or, what was my home for some time). Oh wow the food was amazing, all made by the local Thai ladies. Quite a few of the folks from area restaurants too, oddly enough. I kept eating and eating and eating. Angelina did too. She didn't quite take to the Som Tom (too spicy even for Fredo), but she loved the soups and noodles.

She was dancing to the Thai music and was entertaining everyone, as usual.

Part of the day included a prayer session and offerings to the monks. During this ~45 min offering, Angelina fell asleep. I knew she was super tired, but this kid never falls asleep in 'odd' places. She's weird like that. We all thought it was the chanting. So now I've got to get some monks' chant music on CD. She stayed asleep as everyone left the room, so we decided to let her lay there until she woke on her own. I wish I had a camera, the image of her sleeping on this big carpet in front of a huge gold Buddha was just too precious.

We escaped before the water cannons came out in full force, but were there long enough to see it get started.

All in all, an amazing day. I felt like I was back in Thailand for a few hours at least.

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