Friday, April 25, 2008

Bouncing, Boat rides and Birthdays

(Thanks to Angela for these 2 pictures)

A few weeks ago we joined our neighbor, Felice, for her 3rd birthday party at the Kiddie Park. What fun! Besides the party being fun, we got to check out a San Antonio icon. The Kiddie Park is a small amusement park that's been there since the 1930s (and looks it). At first Angelina was hesitant about the rides, but then I couldn't get her off. I lost track of how many times she went around in the boats. I finally had to pull her off kicking and screaming.

The day before we had a similar experience at our friend Katarina's 2nd birthday party. They had a bouncy castle which at first, Angelina was afraid to approach. By the end of the party we had to pull her kicking and screaming from the thing.

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