Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Day at the Beach

And a weekend full of cousins!

During our visit to CA, we took cousin Camille to Little Corona del Mar tide pools to explore all the sea life.

Angelina was at first a little hesitant about the sand.

Soon she was making (or rather destroying) sand castles Papa and Camille were so carefully building.

She also wasn't so excited about the water at first....

That didn't last long either.... (That's water flowing she's playing in)

I did have a bathing suit for her, but as she was so hesitant about the water, I hadn't put it on. By this point she loved the water so much we had to drag her away.


Monica said...

That looks so fun! I can't wait until Eliot gets to try going in the lake! So far his main water experience is the bath tub...

Cherise said...

It was! She was so hesitant at first and I didn't want to terrorize her, so didn't push it. She loves the bathtub though so I figured she'd love it sooner or later, even though the Pacific is COLD!

Marcy said...

Cute! =) I got Donovan a little bathing suit recently, can't wait to take him swimming. =P

Yeah I could never get in the water in CA, would get that painful pins-and-needles feeling in my legs from the water being so cold!!

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