Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Little Hiker

We were a little slow to make use of an REI gift card we got for our baby shower almost two years ago from Ann, Garth, Kyle, and Marisa. Until now we've carried her in the sling, which we still like, but she's getting a bit heavy, which makes hiking difficult. So we FINALLY found a backpack carrier we really liked. We lucked out at REI that day as the Kelty rep was there and could really work with us to get the right one (for Frederic, really, since he's going to do most of the carrying!).

Clearly, she was quite comfortable in it :)

Thanks Tormeons and Peebles families!


Marcy said...

We have some friends whose 4 yr old is about to outgrow her backpack carrier, and Zach's already called dibs on it for D. =P

Sara said...

super cute!
i see that backpack technology has advanced since i was little with the mesh guard. i'm sure my dad would have appreciated that one as a favorite backpack activity was grabbing at his afro :)

Cherise said...

Sara,it doesn't help. Angelina still grabs whatever hair she can!

brightwells said...

Too funny! I have been coming here and reading for a long time!! This is so neat!

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