Saturday, October 27, 2007

Starting to walk

Finally, Angelina has decided that if she stands, she can reach more things! So she's loving standing and now trying to walk.

I didn't realize how easy I had it before. Now she's really into everything.

Squirrel Update: we gave the squirrel to a lady who does wildlife rescue. She guessed he was about 6 weeks old and very scared. As much as I was ready to toss him back outside when we found him, I'm glad Fredo insisted we help him.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have I ever said how much Fredo loves squirrels?

I like them too, they're cute and all. But not in my house!

Chakapu caught her second squirrel, this one a little baby (because Chakapu is now a fat lazy cat she can only get the weak). Of course Chakapu brought it in the house. It's tiny, and was barely moving. Unable to leave it to the elements outside, Frédéric decided to make it a little home. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of rooms with doors now, but we do have one: the laundry room. So for now little squirrel is living in a box in the laundry room with water and nuts.

Chakapu is not happy. I guess she's forgotten how she was a scared stranded baby who made her way into our home permanently. But we're not keeping a pet squirrel!

Angelini Tortellini

Angelina is living up to her nickname and her Allegrini heritage. She LOOOOOOVES pasta. She's a good eater, but when pasta is there, she sees nothing else. I'm not sure this clip really does her justice. Once she starts eating her tortellinis, she doesn't stop. She'll stick one in her mouth and before she's even chewed it she's reaching out for another. I've never seen her eat so fast! Good thing I wasn't too hungry tonight since she ended up eating all my share.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We gave birth to a Texan: She doesn't want to walk!

Angelina is 15 months now, and she's *just* beginning to pull up and stand. She's fought it for so long. She could do it, just didn't want to. If we tried to stand her, she'd lift up her feet so they didn't touch the ground. We officially have 3 more months before we need to 'worry she's behind.'

I came to the conclusion that she's just a Texan. See, Texans don't believe in walking....even though San Antonio was voted the 'best walking city in Texas.' I think that means walking 20 feet. We live downtown for a reason: we like to walk. It's so great to be able to walk to restaurants, around town, see the sites (unfortunately there aren't a lot of shops, so we have to drive for that). I was describing a location on the Riverwalk recently and was told that was "too far to walk." Um, it's about 5 blocks. Recently I took a work trip and had to insist I didn't need to rent a car, even though my hotel was all of 0.8 miles - in the city - away from the meeting location. We live across from a small church. I haven't seen this for myself yet, but my next door neighbor tells us he's seen our other neighbor, 3 doors down, get in his car on Sunday morning, drive the 100 or so feet to the church parking lot, pull in, and go to church. 100 feet! (if that much!)

So I figured Angelina is just living by her birth right - why walk?!

(Update: we've been encouraging her more lately, as has her babysitter, and though she's not actually walking yet, she's enjoying standing much more and holding our hands as she moves forward. Scooting on her bum is still her prefered mode of transport, but she's getting there)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Need I say more?

I have lots of stories to write about Angelina, but no time, so I'll leave you with more pictures.

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