Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have I ever said how much Fredo loves squirrels?

I like them too, they're cute and all. But not in my house!

Chakapu caught her second squirrel, this one a little baby (because Chakapu is now a fat lazy cat she can only get the weak). Of course Chakapu brought it in the house. It's tiny, and was barely moving. Unable to leave it to the elements outside, Frédéric decided to make it a little home. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of rooms with doors now, but we do have one: the laundry room. So for now little squirrel is living in a box in the laundry room with water and nuts.

Chakapu is not happy. I guess she's forgotten how she was a scared stranded baby who made her way into our home permanently. But we're not keeping a pet squirrel!


Monica said...

Too cute.

Pope said...

Maybe I can steal your brilliant idea of putting my pet bunny in a laundry room too! He's proably too big to fit in there LOL

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