Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun with Cousins

We've been visiting CA for Nanny's Birthday. Angelina has been in heaven visiting her cousins.

Angelina's Rohr Uncles and Aunts

and Nanny and Opa

It's a rarity for all of us surviving 7 kids to be in the same place at the same time. This occasion was Nanny's 75th Birthday Party

I think you can tell by this picture that we all have very different styles, even though our husbands all claim we're all alike....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

♪Singing in the Rain ♪

♪♪♪and the rain! ♪♪♪

So she's not quite Gene Kelly, but she was VERY excited to see the rain (it doesn't rain often here). As soon as it started pouring, Angelina yells "My Umbrella! My Umbrella! Outside!"

And of course she's not content to just watch the rain, she has to stand IN it.

In the biggest puddle.

I had to drag her in, rather unhappy....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Dance

(she's standing on her potty as her stage)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dancing Queen

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Call me "Dirt Girl!"

♫"Dirt Pile/Dirt Pile/ Let's Play Dirt Pile!"♫
Yes, she was singing.
"Look Mommy! I'm Queen of the Mountain!"

She is clearly happiest when she's on her dirt pile.

This is what's left of the 12 yards of dirt I bought a few weeks ago for the grass. I'm rapidly making my way through it. Hopefully not too fast for Angelina's sake. This is also the dirt pile of "Mud" fame from last weekend's play.

This weekend I managed to keep her from using water, despite her begging me a million times for "Water! Mommy!" I didn't, however, manage to keep her clothes on. On Friday she sat on the pile, shirtless, and kept pouring dirt over herself.

Today she was content to leave her shirt on, provided she could continue to pour dirt over herself.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Angelina Quotes

"Super Nina!!!" (said quite randomly in the middle of dinner, with her hand shooting up in the air)

With Angelina at the chalkboard, writing:
Angelina: "I'm a scientist!"
Maman: "You're a scientist?"
Angelina: "Yes. I'm a scientist!"
Maman: "Are you a Space Scientist?"
Angelina "Um. Yes!"
Maman: "Are you going to the moon?"
Angelina: "YES!"
Maman: "Will you go to Mars?"
Angelina: "Yes!"

Needless to say, Papa was pleased!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Funny Girl

Where do I start?

First she comes home Miss Cool Chick, all decked out in her shades.

Then she sees what I got for her today (I went to the second hand shop - great stuff! We're finally at the point we actually have to buy clothes for her)

She has this thing about dresses. She sees IT.

Mommy! Put on dress! Dress! Dress!

"Look Mommy, I'm a Princess! A Princess!" As she twirls around in her frilly white dress picking it up as she spins.....

Then she saw there were other dresses. Not quite as frilly, but dresses nonetheless. So she put them on. ON TOP of each dress. Then the Dora bathing suit on top of all that (including the bottoms)

Finally she sees the Easter Bonnet my friend Trudi gave her today. At that point she was less interested in posing, but she insisted on wearing the bonnet for an hour.

The dresses, well, we had to fight to take them off her for bed and finally agreed to let her sleep with the white one.

She goes from naked one day to 4 layers of clothes the next....

Sunday, April 05, 2009

More Parties

Sunday was Felice's birthday party at the Kiddie Park. It's been there since 1925 and kind of looks it...but it's a great place. Angelina loved it last year and I was sure she would again.

She did, until about 1 hour into it and Miss Party Girl's weekend of parties finally caught up to her, despite having had a nap before.

But before that point, she had a blast, especially because Papa was taking her on the rides.

A little ice cream makes everything better...

And then we followed up with a trip to Central Market. Angelina has this thing for cows. I guess it's the Swiss in her. She loves cows. The cheese section at Central Market has this cow she always wants to sit on. It's not really meant for kids to sit but they never seem to mind, probably because she's so cute....
She got annoyed when I took the camera out so she's not smiling, but 2 seconds before she was hugging the cow saying "I love my cow! Mooooo! Moooo!"

As for her dress - not really suitable for kiddie park but it's her Party Dress. We are not allowed to go to a party without that dress.

Sprinkler, dirt pile, new grass, and a bunch of kids and a Progessive Party, Lavaca Style

And why I love Lavaca part XXIV

Our new lawn came in handy this weekend.

I'd given up on Angelina taking a nap, so just went for some "quiet" time inside watching Dora, while I went outside to continue pulling weeds. Up walked our neighbor Courtney with her 4 yr old Nico. Nico was looking for some playmates. As Angelina is always in the mood for playmates, I said "Come on in!" but Nico wanted to bring her back to his house. No problem. I wandered over with her, stuck around for a bit then left her.

We were already planning to have Wiley and Felice over for an hour or so a bit later. So Courtney said she'd bring them both back in a bit. Great, more kids usually means I can do more while they entertain each other....

Nico and Angelina wander back, Wiley and Felice come over, they all run off to play. Meantime, some other neighbors walked by. I didn't know them but Courtney did, so they came on in with their two kids. Now we have 6 kids playing. Great! More the merrier.

As the grownups are all talking out front and discussing the merits of old homes, the kids ENTERTAINED themselves by turning on the sprinkler.

What I forgot about was the 12 yards of dirt (maybe it's about 8 yards now) in the back yard. I made my way back to see Wiley rolling wet in the dirt, covered with mud, all the other kids in some form of mud-ness, and Angelina just pulling off her last bit of clothes (her diaper) as she ran through the water and dirt.

In the end we had 6 kids in various states of dress, with Angelina completely naked, running around the yard getting soaked and muddy. The funniest part was the kids kept talking about "The Party!"

So then the kids wanted to play in Wiley's backyard, only his parents weren't home (which is why we had them). No worries, they'd left the house open in case the kids wanted to play there. So we all make our way over. Nico's dad Beto decides we need a beer run. An hour later we're sitting in Rick and Angela's living room having beers, kids running wild, when Rick and Angela walk up :) Nothing like throwing a party in someone else's house.

Not content to end the day just yet, Beto suggests we all head over to their house (where the kids' party started about 1pm that day) for more. About 10pm, some beer, pizza, and lots of good laughs and conversation later, we made it back home :)

I love my neighborhood. Even with all the muddy kids.

And Angelina managed to keep her clothes on the rest of the day.


This morning Angelina was wandering around calling out to her Cow (she loves cows). In both French and English. She found it.

So a bit later she starts calling out "Eh-ee air! Mop! Where are you?!" After some time we finally figured out the first was "teddy bear." So I took her to Teddy bear. We were scratching our heads at what "Mop" might be.

Then she sees it "Oh Mop! There you are!" Still clueless we waited for her to do something. She finally picked it up - Raggedy Ann. Poor Raggedy Ann didn't know she'd been re-christened "Mop!"

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