Monday, April 06, 2009

Funny Girl

Where do I start?

First she comes home Miss Cool Chick, all decked out in her shades.

Then she sees what I got for her today (I went to the second hand shop - great stuff! We're finally at the point we actually have to buy clothes for her)

She has this thing about dresses. She sees IT.

Mommy! Put on dress! Dress! Dress!

"Look Mommy, I'm a Princess! A Princess!" As she twirls around in her frilly white dress picking it up as she spins.....

Then she saw there were other dresses. Not quite as frilly, but dresses nonetheless. So she put them on. ON TOP of each dress. Then the Dora bathing suit on top of all that (including the bottoms)

Finally she sees the Easter Bonnet my friend Trudi gave her today. At that point she was less interested in posing, but she insisted on wearing the bonnet for an hour.

The dresses, well, we had to fight to take them off her for bed and finally agreed to let her sleep with the white one.

She goes from naked one day to 4 layers of clothes the next....


Sara said...

the princess thing cracks me up. especially because im assuming you arent the type to go around telling her she is a princess. a few months (year?) ago there was this really interesting article in the NYTimes about the phenomenon.

Cherise said...

Not at all! She must hear about princesses at daycare, although she's not really into the whole princess thing. That is, she doesn't talk about it unless you puts on a frilly dress. The only time we mention a princess is to "Say Goodnight" to the Princess in the Tower (we can see the Tower of the Americas from our porch, and for whatever reason I started that, which helps her recognise it's time for bed).

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