Sunday, April 05, 2009

More Parties

Sunday was Felice's birthday party at the Kiddie Park. It's been there since 1925 and kind of looks it...but it's a great place. Angelina loved it last year and I was sure she would again.

She did, until about 1 hour into it and Miss Party Girl's weekend of parties finally caught up to her, despite having had a nap before.

But before that point, she had a blast, especially because Papa was taking her on the rides.

A little ice cream makes everything better...

And then we followed up with a trip to Central Market. Angelina has this thing for cows. I guess it's the Swiss in her. She loves cows. The cheese section at Central Market has this cow she always wants to sit on. It's not really meant for kids to sit but they never seem to mind, probably because she's so cute....
She got annoyed when I took the camera out so she's not smiling, but 2 seconds before she was hugging the cow saying "I love my cow! Mooooo! Moooo!"

As for her dress - not really suitable for kiddie park but it's her Party Dress. We are not allowed to go to a party without that dress.

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