Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Learning to Crawl

When we were in California in August, Lenaïc was just starting to make efforts at crawling. He’d do this funny yoga stretch with the front leg bent and the back leg stretched behind him as he inched forward like an inchworm. Into September (at almost 9 months) he made more efforts at crawling, advancing to an army crawl. By mid-September he’s become a full-fledged crawler.

This is a new experience for us since Angelina never crawled. She was mobile, scooting everywhere on her bum, but her mobility was a bit more limited. Lenaïc, on the other hand, now has access to a whole new world of doors to open, CDs to pull off shelves, books to reach (and rip apart), cat food to eat, splinters to get in his hand (thanks to unfinished wood floors)….

A Day At the Beach

I’m a little behind on my blog posts, so it’s time to catch up. We didn’t want to brave the crowds by going away on Labor Day Weekend, but decided a trip to the beach was worth it. Although Texas beaches don’t quite match up to California beaches, at least we have *a* beach, and the water is warmer. Almost too warm.

For more photos, click HERE

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010

California Dreaming

Now I finally have some pictures to post, more on our trip. click HERE

I finished work on July 30. The next day Angelina, Lenaïc and I flew to CA. Yes, me alone with two kids. Other people do it, surely I could too? Well, fortunately, both kids are pretty good fliers and it wasn't that difficult (not that I want to do it again anytime soon).

What followed was two weeks of non-stop parties: Uncle Chris and Aunt Debbie's pool with the big slide and trampoline, Aunt Loretta and Uncle Bruce's pool, Aunt Loretta's "cabin" in Big Bear (can you call it a cabin if it's bigger than your house?), Nanny's house, Corona del Mar Beach, Santa Barbara, Hiking up Mt Baldy, daily swimming lessons, and lots and lots of cousin-time.

If it looks like Angelina spent all her time in her bathing suit, that's because she did. She took a little breack for Lenaïc's baptism to wear a dress, but brought along her goggles to the church just in case (more on the baptism in another post). She lived in her bathing suit, not unlike we did as kids every summer.

The best part? Playing with cousins, aunts and uncles, and Nanny and Opa every day for more than 2 weeks. Alas, now she associates cousins with a pool, as when she skyped with Maël and Gilles upon returning home she asked "do they have a pool?"

There are more pics from Big Bear on facebook, I'll try to post a link here soon, so check back.

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