Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sprinkler, dirt pile, new grass, and a bunch of kids and a Progessive Party, Lavaca Style

And why I love Lavaca part XXIV

Our new lawn came in handy this weekend.

I'd given up on Angelina taking a nap, so just went for some "quiet" time inside watching Dora, while I went outside to continue pulling weeds. Up walked our neighbor Courtney with her 4 yr old Nico. Nico was looking for some playmates. As Angelina is always in the mood for playmates, I said "Come on in!" but Nico wanted to bring her back to his house. No problem. I wandered over with her, stuck around for a bit then left her.

We were already planning to have Wiley and Felice over for an hour or so a bit later. So Courtney said she'd bring them both back in a bit. Great, more kids usually means I can do more while they entertain each other....

Nico and Angelina wander back, Wiley and Felice come over, they all run off to play. Meantime, some other neighbors walked by. I didn't know them but Courtney did, so they came on in with their two kids. Now we have 6 kids playing. Great! More the merrier.

As the grownups are all talking out front and discussing the merits of old homes, the kids ENTERTAINED themselves by turning on the sprinkler.

What I forgot about was the 12 yards of dirt (maybe it's about 8 yards now) in the back yard. I made my way back to see Wiley rolling wet in the dirt, covered with mud, all the other kids in some form of mud-ness, and Angelina just pulling off her last bit of clothes (her diaper) as she ran through the water and dirt.

In the end we had 6 kids in various states of dress, with Angelina completely naked, running around the yard getting soaked and muddy. The funniest part was the kids kept talking about "The Party!"

So then the kids wanted to play in Wiley's backyard, only his parents weren't home (which is why we had them). No worries, they'd left the house open in case the kids wanted to play there. So we all make our way over. Nico's dad Beto decides we need a beer run. An hour later we're sitting in Rick and Angela's living room having beers, kids running wild, when Rick and Angela walk up :) Nothing like throwing a party in someone else's house.

Not content to end the day just yet, Beto suggests we all head over to their house (where the kids' party started about 1pm that day) for more. About 10pm, some beer, pizza, and lots of good laughs and conversation later, we made it back home :)

I love my neighborhood. Even with all the muddy kids.

And Angelina managed to keep her clothes on the rest of the day.

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