Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What brings Texas to her knees?

A little dip in temperature.

It's barely below freezing here, but that was enough to shut down the city. I'm not complaining, I only worked a few hours yesterday and stayed home today. Having lived in the cold north, it seems laughable. But given how badly Texans drive in great weather, the roads would be terrifying now. Actually, to be fair, it's been freezing rain/sleeting since Saturday afternoon (the morning of which was warm enough for me to wear shorts!) and the roads are basically sheets of ice. And I can't complain about Texans not being able to drive in harsh conditions, I can't either. When in CT and IN, I always just rode my bike or walked when the snow fell. Driving scares me.

So we're bundled up at home, looking at white-covered trees and hearing about the big "Arctic Blast."

About that tree...see "If A Tree Falls" which should have been posted in early December (see house blog)

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