Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First time away from my angel

I had to go to a conference last week, sort of last minute. It was at a fancy resort in Orlando, FL. Mom was going to come with me if I brought Angelina along. But Fredo said he could manage alone with her for the 2.5 days (including 3 evenings, I returned about 11pm on the 3rd night). Now, he's perfectly competent, Angelina is very happy with him, should be no problem. But here's the catch - she still nurses to sleep every night, nurses 3+ times per night, and takes bare minimum by bottle during the day, saving it up for when mommy is home.

Clearly, I had reason to worry. But he convinced me, I had enough milk stashed in the freezer, and off I went on Sunday afternoon. In the end, it was harder on me than on them! I was a wreck the hours before leaving, but tried not to show Angelina how I felt. I was fighting back tears at the airport.

Though I've left her at daycare, I've never left her overnight. She sleeps with us, so at night is only a few inches from me all night long. I thought I'd relish 2 full nights in a big king bed all too myself. Hah! Something was missing. I couldn't sleep. I had to get up to pump anyway. And though Frederic says she missed me (he missed me, since he had to get up for those night feedings, including warming the bottles), she not only did fine, she started doubling the amount of milk she took by bottle at daycare.

In the end, I'm glad I went, it was a worthwhile meeting. But I sure won't be going away again soon. Angelina can handle it fine, but mommy can't!

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