Thursday, February 01, 2007


Yes, Angelina's pearly whites - well, one of them - have made their way to the surface. It's just barely poking out. So far it doesn't hurt *me*, but maybe I'll worry when there's a second one. She had a bought of wakefulness this weekend. Wouldn't sleep to save her life, but wasn't particularly cranky, the stuff I'd have expected with teething. I hope that's it and she naps this weekend!

And to add to the fun, she can sit up now. She's been able to sit for awhile, with help. Lately she's maanaged to stay up for a few minutes before she finally crashes over.

sniff sniff. She's growing up. What's next, cars and boys?

pictures to come...

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sarahaarssen said...

Not to be totally cliché but my GOD they grow up fast! Can't wait to see pictures of those toofers!

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