Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Medicinal Beer

Getting ready to leave for this conference, I had to make sure I had enough milk frozen. As it happens, the 2 weeks before I just wasn't producing much, at least not for the pump. Angelina seemed satisfied, but I needed my stash.
Months ago I was told to eat oatmeal frequently to keep my milk supply up. However it didn't seem to be working lately. I dtink Mother's Milk tea daily (a combo of blessed thistle, fenugreek, fennel, and a few other things). I like it, but it has no effect. Then I remembered beer. I had avoided it for awhile because the one time I'd had it, Angelina had horrible gas. I decided to try it again, but limit to one per night.
Well, 4 nights of stout (not all Guinness), and the milk was overflowing!
Hooray for beer!


Riana said...

I might have to try this!!!

Cherise said...

Heh, well hopefully you won't need it. But it's a good excuse for a good beer :)

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