Sunday, August 10, 2008

An Angel in Our Midst

Or maybe the devil in disguise?

Ok, so she's no devil, but she is a big stinker! She is SUCH the party girl. We had two evening parties this weekend (Happy Birthday Cory and Rich!) and even though it was well past her bedtime both nights, she was in her GLORY. This child was just happy as can be, running around, laughing, talking to everyone, sharing her toys, being the life of the party. Rich's parents (who've only seen her once before seeing her 2x this weekend) commented on what an Angel she is. Prachet claims she never cries because he's never seen her cry. Everyone at both parties was convinced she's just always the happiest kid ever.

She is.


I knew we'd pay for it Sunday...well, Saturday afternoon too. I think it's just because she's bored when it's only us. No audience. During the day she's Miss Cranky Pants. And then there's the much needed nap...usually requiring much crying before she finally konks out. But in the evening, at a party? She's the Star!

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