Sunday, June 24, 2007

Un bateau and a trip to Toulouse

Alas, only Papa went on the trip while Angelina stayed home with Mommy. Frédéric had yet another meeting in Europe, this time in Toulouse, France. We'd hoped to join him, but it just wasn't feasible, so off he went for 8 days. Not a long time, but long enough for me to wonder how single parents manage. It was hard! Didn't help that I started my new job that week while he was eating foie gras and having wonderful wine all week. But the little munchkin and I managed, and Papa brought home a very cool present. Angelina just loves her new bateau. She never wants to get out of the bathtub now.


Riana said...

Ahhh that is too bad, we could have tried to meet up in Toulouse! I wonder also about single parents (and have so much more respect for my mom)because when I am alone, I think "this is really a full time job!"

She is so cute! Yipeee for bathtime!

Cherise said...

Oh I know, I thought of you...I told Fredo he could contact you, but he had a pretty packed schedule as usual. Hopefully we can join him next year and then we can go see you all.

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