Sunday, September 03, 2006

Amazing Angelina

Angelina is growing like mad. Today she's 9 weeks old and as of last week weighed 10.5 lbs! There are days I swear she's gained a pound in an hour. She has more long periods of alertness now, where she just sits and watches the world. She clearly wants to talk and she's definitely showing her strong character! (that's our nice way of saying she's strong willed and sometimes challenging). She's a happy kid most of the time, so we can't complain. Her smiles light up the room already!

"Mommy! Get away from me!"

"Aren't I cute as can be?"

"My favorite position, asleep right next to my food source!"

Don't worry, we didn't leave her wrapped in those blankets,that was just for transfer.

"my other favorite position, with my Papa."
Mommy's favorite position, Angelina asleep on her own!

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