Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Road Trip

We spent Thanksgiving at South Padre Island, the souternmost tip of Texas coast, near the Mexican border. It's a 5ish hour drive from San Antonio. Have we told you how much Angelina hates driving???? Here she is before we left, still happy. She's not a road trip person I guess.

The weather and the water was fabulous! It was Angelina's first glimpse of the sea and she was mesmerized. She wouldn't take her eyes off. We didn't take her swimming, but she loved every minute there.

From there we went to McAllen, Texas to visit the Bentson Bird Refuge. It's supposed to be a 'World Birding Center.' We met this old guy whom we're sure was Swiss tho we didn't ask. His accented sounded Swiss German and he was just goofy enough to be Swiss. He told us the place used to be full of birds, but they cut down a bunch of trees last year and now, nothing! It's possible the lack of birds was also due to the drought. A bit unfortunate, we've seen more birds in San Antonio. But we did see the Rio Grande and though we didn't cross into Mexico, Fredo got a glimpse of it. Angelina seemed to enjoy her hike at least.

More pics to come.

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