Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7 Teeth!

FIVE of which came in all at once!

She's had 2 teeth since about 7 months. We could tell there were others trying to make it to the surface, but nothing. By mid-June she was not a happy camper, but didn't have the usual teething signs apart from occasional fever (no drooling, no diarrhea). She didn't like drinking from her sippy and was cranky at nights, but that was all. Suddenly, 5 teeth popped up at once, seemingly overnight. Now she has 4 on top and 3 on bottom. She LOVES having her teeth brushed. What's funny is when I try to use just my finger she refuses to open her mouth, but when I use the little finger tip tooth brush (it goes over the finger) she puts her mouth forward and sticks her teeth out. It helps if we brush hers right after we do. She likes imitating Mommy and Papa!

I also learned I was a bit spoiled, as she had never bitten me.
Until now. Ouch!

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