Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A month of relatives

Angelina has been having so much fun lately. First her Atlanta soon to be Indianapolis cousins Richard, Grace, and James, along with Aunt Theresa came to celebrate her birthday party. She got to spend a whole day just hanging out with them.

The next week her Swiss family came for 2 whole weeks, after a quick side trip to NYC. Fredo has all the pics so I can't post them til he gets done with his crisis-mode work hours. Cousines Megâne, Maël, and Gilles had so much fun with her. Megâne took care of her as much as possible and just loves her to pieces. What surprised me a bit was Maël and Gilles. Being boys I didn't expect them to be too interested in a baby girl. But I was wrong. 4 year old Gilles saw her as an equal playmate and other times as a toy, evidenced by Maël saying "Gilles, she's not a toy! Stop doing that!"
Maël was her little protector and entertainer. He was always either taking care of her or making her laugh. She got spoiled with so much attention. Then of course there's Tonton Philippe and Taunte Sophie whom she adored.

No sooner did they leave and a few days later Nanny came to visit! Now she has Nanny's undivided attention every day for a week. Lucky little girl. She's going to be bored with just Mommy and Papa.

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