Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in Switzerland!

After a cancelled plane (thanks to weather in Boston, not that we were going anywhere near Boston, but the plane from SA was coming from there), another delayed plane, a bump up to Business Class and a re-routing (London instead of Paris), we made it in CH a few hours later than planned.

We escaped the 28F in San Antonio for the balmy -2C in Switzerland (hint, they're the same...) it's bloody cold. The difference is our house in TX is cold and drafty and poorly insulated. In CH, between the wood stove, low ceilings and the stone walls, it's so warm we're in short sleeves.

The best part of all is sharing time with Angelina's cousins!


Monica said...

I'm so sorry we missed you! Hopefully we'll be in the same place at the same time next time you guys make the trip!

Cherise said...

Yeah, next time. We did get to meet Sara for lunch in Geneva though.

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