Friday, June 19, 2009

Nurse Angelina

GranPapa was in the hospital for his birthday, so we took him a dessert, sang happy birthday and brought a festive atmosphere. Angelina of course, twirled around and sang.

After everyone else had left and we were about to go, he got sick. Probably too much sweet stuff. We didn't manage to get anything to catch it fast enough, so Fredo and I both grabbed a bunch of paper towels and started cleaning him up while we waited for the nurse. Angelina, not missing a beat, went to the bathroom, got more paper towels, brought them over to GranPapa and started helping.

She didn't hesitate, she didn't say "ewwww!" she didn't run scared from the room. Nope, she said "Granpapa's not feeling well. Here's some towels." We finally had to tell her that was enough towels :)

I am rather proud of her. She can be incredibly sympathetic when she wants to be :)

and silly too. She's been having fun dressing up in Granpapa's clothes.

And playing with cousins


Anonymous said...

Good for Angelina. Compassionate caretaking is an under-rated skill.
She sounds very pragmatic and caring.

I hope your dad isn't dealing with a serious illness. Get well wishes coming his way.

Cherise said...

Thank you Gloria. It's Frederic's dad, and he's doing better.

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