Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Mundie Pie!

From this......

To SuperNina!

You can already see in her eyes in that first picture that despite the trauma of birth, how strong-willed our Angelina was destined to be.

I still get emotional on July 3. I wonder if that will always be the case? Three years ago our excitement of labor starting turned to fear once she was born and later to joy when we brought her home.

Three years later, this child, whom most of the medical professionals didn't think would survive, is more full of life than just about any child imaginable. She's the kind of person who lights up a room just with her presence (sometimes that's not a good when you'd like her to be just a little bit quiet). But we remind ourselves that it was this vivaciousness, this fighting spirit, this strong will that got her through those first weeks. I will forever be grateful to that spirit (and to the many medical professionals who helped her through those rough first weeks).

Happy 3rd Birthday SuperNina!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Angelina from Ireland. You are such a big girl now. Grace will also celebrate her 3rd birthday on Sunday. Hope ye can meet someday...
Lots of love,
Bren, Jacintha & Grace

Cherise said...

Thanks! And a happy birthday to Grace! One of these days we'll all see each other again in person.

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