Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Angelina has taken up a fondness for Oga, otherwise known as Yoga but no matter how many times we correct her, she insists it's OGA. It all started with Mommy's prenatal yoga, which she liked but then got bored. It's a little slow for this high-impact aerobics type kid.

I happened across a kids' yoga and thought it'd be fun to try out. She loves it! Only problem is it's hard for me to do it with her as a lot of the poses are on your belly. Not so good at 7 months pregnant....

Instead, she does it with Papa.


updated with some more photos


Buzzy Bee said...

Has Waybuloo made it to TV over there yet? Lachlan loves it and has been trying the poses. And my laptops are decorated in stickers from the programme.

Cherise said...

I don't know since we don't have cable TV.....

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