Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's still so weird to me to have a kid who looks like me. I got used to Angelina as a clone of Frederic. People have actually said to me "Is she yours?" I guess they assume I'm the Nanny....

Then comes Lenaïc. Frederic did contribute the Y chromosome, but I'm not sure much else. He really looks just like me.

And for more photos go HERE


misschris said...

oh my what a CUTE little guy. He's abssolutely adorable! Haha Love that you have one of each. That must be funny when you're all together out somewhere.

Cherise said...

Thanks :)

It hasn't come up yet when we're out, but I'm sure it will soon. People will probably assume he's mine and Angelina is Frederic's.

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