Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

Birthday parties are interesting events for Angelina. She's at that stage where she wants every party to be about her, and she wants us to always sing "Happy Birthday" to her. As you can imagine,that makes it difficult when we go to other kids' birthdays.

She seems to be improving though. On Saturday we went to our friend Juanito's 3rd birthday. She doesn't know they share a special bond - when she was about 9 months old and he was about 1 month old, they came over for a visit. He had a cold. His mom, Nicole, used a bulb to suction out his nose. She laid it down. Angelina picked it up and sucked out its contents into her mouth.....you can't get closer than that! (And of course 3 days later, her cold started)

Anyway, after saying Juanito's gift was "mine" all morning, when we got to the party, she immediately said "This is for you!" And then at present opening time, she happily handed it to him to open. Of course, then she wanted him to play with that present and ONLY that present, but we're working on it....

As for singing, she very happily sang "Happy Birthday Dear Juanito" with no complaints. So, we're getting there.

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