Friday, December 24, 2010

Quotable Quotes 2010

Christmas Eve "Santa has a the ocean."

Christmas Eve Morning "It's snowing!!! That means we can open presents now!"

on the flight to Switzerland (and again in the car on the way to her cousins' house): "Papa, don't tell Mael and Gilles I pick my nose."

On a very sunny 88F December day in California, after putting up the Christmas tree: "When is it going to snow? If it's Christmas it has to snow!"

On one of our flights: "I'm not very good at sleeping but my eyes are good at closing."

On Lenaïc's birthday:
Me: "We're going to have a little party on Lenaïc's actual birthday, just you, L, Papa, and Mommy."
Angelina: "No! I want a BIG party!"
Me: "We already had the big party."
Angelina: "We need ANOTHER big party! I only like BIG parties. Not little parties!"
Yup, she may look identical to an Allegrini, but she definitely inherited the Rohr ...and Beltran genes.

Dec 2
Angelina "Mommy, I want a baby sister."
Me "Well, what if you get a baby brother instead?"
A: "no, I want a sister, like Dora. "
me: "I'm not sure I can promise a baby sister."
A (brimming with excitement): "I know! Papa can help you!"

Nov 30 "Mommy, I don't love any boys. I just love Wiley and Angus."

Nov 24 Mommy! It's raining leaves!"

Nov 20 Angelina fell and busted her lip. Papa offered chocolate to make it all better. 30 minutes later, in a very sad voice "Mommy, my lip still hurts. Can I have more chocolate?" I told her if it continues to hurt, carrots will make it better. Funny, it's all fine now.

Nov 14 Angelina diligently reading the safety instructions (her 4th plane is as many days). Attendant shows her the O2 mask and thinking Angelina is worried says "Don't worry, in my 26 yrs we haven't had to use this." Angelina responds "Can we land on the water? I want to use the life jacket and slide!"

Nov 10 You can take the girl out of Southtown, but....
In California, I ask "Angelina, would you like to go to the playground?"
Angelina responds with excitement "Oh! We're going to Friendly Spot?!"

Upon seeing that I'd framed her artwork (a series of sitck figures with funny heads), Angelina announced "Can you write the title on it: 'The Many Faces of Angelina'?"

Nov 2 "Mommy, I'm still a little bit sick."
"What's wrong?"
"I had too much candy the other day." she says with her mouth full of chocolate...

"Mommy, there's no milk left, only shakes."

Oct 16 "Don't call me Angelina. You have to call me Spicy Sparkle."

And the next day:
Angelina: "Just call me Spicy."
Me: "Not Spicy Sparkle?"
Angelina: "No. I'm just Spicy."

Angelina: "Mommy, does your bed only fit 3 people?"
Me: "Yes, honey."
Angelina: "You need a bigger bed for all kids to fit."

on Chalk it Up day in San Antonio Angelina: "What time is it? It's Chalking the Street time!"

Heard on the way to school today:
(1)"Mommy, what animals eat their poop?"
(2) Passing Ft Sam Army barracks*: "Mommy, is that where princesses get married?"
(3) "Mermaids don't live in castles."

"Papa will fix it, he can fix anything!"

"Mommy, I need a big brother. "
"Wylie's not really my brother. He's Felice's brother. I have a little brother but I need a BIG brother."

"Mommy, I'm going to teach you French so you can talk to Papa."
"Thanks Angelina, you speak French well. What are some words to know?"

Angelina: "Mommy, I want to go Waterboarding!"
Me: "Waterboarding? What's that?" (not something most kids ask for...)
Angelina: "You know! Skateboarding on the water!" (aka surfing)

My California Girl, in distress: "Mommy! The sun is gone! Where is the sun? Suuuuun! Come back Sun! Mommy needs you to help dry the laundry!" (she's also energy conscious as well as sun-worshipping) then "I know! Let's go on an airplane to get closer to the sun! Suuuuun! You're not being very nice, we need you to come back!"

On her birthday, July 3, 2010: "Mommy, my name is not Angelina, you have to call me 'Princess.'"

Angelina: "Those DUDES are being bad! The dudes need to go in time out!"
(following me complaining "Come on Dude!" about someone blocking the intersection)

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