Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ice Skating!

It was a holiday of winter sports: Sledding and Ice Skating (no skiing just yet). Trying to figure out what to do on a cold and rainy Friday afternoon in California, cousin Kyle came up with the great idea to go ice skating! Angelina had never been but I'd been wanting to take her.
Along came Hannah, Camille, and Martina (Kyle decided it was no fun with all girls). Nanny came along to watch Lenaïc while I skated and showed off my Dorothy Hamill-era spirals (and became dizzy...there's a reason I didn't last long in figure skating).

Angelina took to it right away and couldn't wait to go again once we got to Switzerland. There's a wonderful lake, Lac de Joux> where we went ice skating 3 years ago and Angelina learned to walk. But it was just too cold, so we decided to stay a little closer to home and go to an indoor rink. We went twice, first with the Gloor Family and a few days later with the Allegrini cousins. By the 3rd time, she was doing really well! Still needing help with the cone, but a lot more confident.

Lenaïc was satisfied to ice skate while in Papa's arms.


Marcy said...

I remember seeing a skating rink in Geneva that had these plastic penguins for young kids to hang onto while skating. It was adorable. =)

Love the pics, they're adorable. D's been obsessed with going to the snow lately, and wanting to learn to ski. I wonder what he'd think of skating...

Cherise said...

heh, Angelina hasn't seen skiing yet but am sure she'd want to try it. She wants to try everything!

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