Monday, February 14, 2011


I think I'm going to get rid of all toys in the house.
All we really need is -
*boxes - all kinds, great for sleeping, hiding, using as a house for animals...
*tupperware/plastic containers - great for stacking, throwing, discovering (what's hidden in the cupboard?)
*metal lids for pots - great for making noise, er, music
*trash cans with lids - great for opening and hiding toys
*large plastic bins - great for sitting in while your friend pulls you across the yard
*rocks - many many uses
*buckets - great for filling with water (from the rain barrels) and all Mommy's landscaping rocks
*sticks - uses too numerous to count
*recycle bin with lots of newspaper and carboard - great for taking out and throwing around the room

furniture, blankets, and pillows...

And Friends

Kids' imaginations are endless

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