Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quotable Quotes and Rockets

Our lives have been revolving around space lately.

Last week Angelina and her School Coop buddies went to the Scobee Planetarium on a field trip. This past week, she attended Space Camp where she learned all about the solar system, rockets, planets and then some.

And it's good timing, as one of Frederic's missions, Juno, is about to launch next week. And we get to see it in person, by special invitation from NASA! Angelina can't wait, and I'm pretty excited too.

After a week at Space Camp, she's an expert. She asked me to draw some planets. When she saw the one with rings, she asked what it was. I said "Sa-TURN" she said "No Mommy. That is not right, it is Sa-DURN. D-D-D DURN."

We'll be going to Cocoa Beach, FL to watch the launch. Today she asked "What language do they speak in Florida?" (so she could practice, she's had a week in Spanish camp as well).

Whenever we travel, she wants to know how many airplanes it takes to get somewhere. Today she asked "I want to go to Mars. How many airplanes does it take to get to Mars?....Oh wait, it's not an airplane, it's a ROCKET!!!!"

For more on Juno, click JUNO.

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