Sunday, November 27, 2011

Introducing Chico Chocolate Allegrini

In October, our friends discovered this little pup, maybe 4 weeks old at most, sitting on their porch. Best guess is he was dumped, as he was too small to have ventured there on his own. After a week or so of looking for a home, I said we'd foster him, maybe adopt. Wasn't really looking for a dog now, but given the strays around here, figured sooner or later one would follow us home. This guy was just too sweet to ignore.

I took him to the vet the next day, started on vaccinations, de-worming, all the while saying "I'm not sure we'll be keeping him, but he needs to have all his shots." "Fostering" lasted all of about 24 hours. I think there was a small window we could have given him away, but after that, Angelina was already attached and Lenaic not far behind. She named him "Chico" (pronounced with a heavy Spanish accent 'CHEEEE- CO"). We tried offering new names, but no. She was set on Chico. She did decide to give him a middle name "Chocolate."

Like 90% of strays here, he had worms. Angelina being my daughter, she was fascinated by the worms. Once given medication, he pooped them out. She insisted she had to "see the poop" so she could check out the worms. On one occasion I picked it up before she saw it and she was so upset "Mommy! No fair! You're not supposed to pick up the poop before I see it! That's not nice!" Glad to know she's not grossed out by much....

And now, a month later, he's home for good. Even Chakapu tolerates him. Or rather, she sits in front of his crate at night and taunts him...

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