Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Style All Her Own

Today was "Free Dress" day at school. Some people call it "Dress down Day" because they kids don't have to wear their uniforms.

Angelina, however, does not quite get the term "Dress Down." Free Dress = wear a special dress. She tried to wear her Christmas red velvet with faux fur collar dress, but we managed to convince her otherwise. Instead, we talked her into the burgundy velvet + taffeta dress. of course, it is always topped by a red bow.

She refuses to cut her hair, or to brush it, so the red bow serves to hold it back. Just a little.

Clearly, she has her own style.

In other news, we received official word that she's been recommended for the school district's "Gift/Talented Education Program." This means our suspicions have been correct: she is already smarter than her parents.

On Lenaïc news, he still won't say "mommy", but he showed me his red car and said "Lite-ning" (Lightening McQueen)

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