Wednesday, July 04, 2012

And She's SIX

It often still amazes me. This life we brought into the world, six years ago, shortly before 10pm on July 3.

From her first moments she made her mark on us, and on everyone around us. Every year I relive the joy and excitement and trauma and fear that was her birth. The excitement as I finally realized I was in labor.  The peace and calm throughout labor, until, she decided to stall  (knowing her now, she was probably distracted on her way out of the birth canal...). Then finally, when she made her way out - the relief and joy. And then those hours after, when the NICU team weren't sure she'd survive (even though we never entertained such thoughts). 

In the six years since, our strong and determined baby has blossomed into a strong and determined and beautiful and funny and clever and crazy little girl.

She has this amazing sensitivity that allows her to feel so intensely, so passionately, for all those around her.

She's said before that she couldn't have just one best friend, because that would make her other friends feel bad.

A friend described her, saying, "you feel so full of love when you're with her." And it's true.

You get this sense of a big heart full of love flowing out to fill the space when she's near (except when she's cranky....she is a kid, after all).

Happy 6th Birthday Angelina! The world is a better place because you are in it.

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