Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Cutie Patootie

We've had 2 weeks of daycare now and she likes it more than I do! On Monday she looks at me with these puppy dog eyes like "where are you going mommy?" But by Friday she barely notices me leave. There are a few other kids there (it's an inhome daycare), and her babysitter says the only time she fusses in when the kids leave the room to take a nap or eat. It's like she loses her audience. She's definitely a social kid!

Her babysitter has also gotten her to take a bottle! Not well, she takes 1-2 oz then stops. She knows I'm coming at lunch, so she seems to take just enough to get the edge off til I arrive. The downside is that she's now reverse cycling. She was sleeping through the night (more or less), but now she's eating more at night to make up for the daytime.So our evenings are spent nursing non-stop, and she's up a few times a night to eat. Since she sleeps with us, that's not as bad as it sounds. She doesn't cry, she just starts smacking her lips. At least she's not starving.

I think she's a monkey. She likes to grab onto our shirts and hold us.

Look at those long arms!

She's still not to sure about this bath thing. At first she cried like crazy. Now she likes it well enough but Papa better not take too long or she starts screaming!

In one of her Irish outfits, this one from Grace's mom and dad, Breandan and Jacintha. Grace was due about 10 days before Angelina, but came 2 days after. She's a cutie too!

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