Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What no one tells you....

Sure, everyone told us life as we know it would end. They told us about the all night feeding sessions. They told us about the zillions of dirty nappies. They told us about the crying and the colic and the lack of sleep. They told us our lives would never be the same, and that usually wasn't said with a smile but with an 'oh you're in for it' smirk.

What no one told us... they didn't REALLY tell us how our lives would never be the same. They didn't tell us how utterly and completely we'd fall in love with this little creature. They didn't tell us how that smile she gives us in the morning makes any memory of a night of screaming fade away. They didn't tell us how changing dirty diapers would be so much fun. How she would pick up her legs and wiggle her little bum and laugh away as soon as we put her on the changing table. They didn't tell us how our hearts would melt at the very sight of her sparkling blue eyes and silly grin. They didn't tell us how sleeping next to her, the sound of her soft breathing would give us all a sense of peace as we drifted off to sleep. How she reaches our her hands to us while she sleeps. How her little hands would grab us and hold onto us like a little monkey as she's carried against our chests. How when she reaches up and touches our faces it would bring tears of joy. How when she starts waking up in the morning she stretches her arms and legs like a cat. How when she finishes nursing she purses her lips in the cutest way and pulls her head away.

They didn't tell us about the joy that each day would bring with her in our lives.

No one told us how much our hearts could expand with love. How a heart can feel it's bursting with so much love.

No, our life is not the same. It is better than we ever thought imaginable.

And yes, I am saving this to remind myself of these thoughts when she's 16.....

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sarahaarssen said...

Only one word can sum up what I am thinking:

How wonderful!

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