Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Sea of Fog

The entire first week we stayed in L'Abergement where Marcel (Fredo's father) lives, it was foggy and cold. Though the frost on the trees was beautiful, the fog at times was so thick you could barely see in front on you. Indeed one night while driving back from Orbe, Frédéric suddenly made a turn seemingly into nothingness, but really was the road into the village. I was just amazed he knew there was a road there!

Little did I know we only had to drive a few km up the mountain to see the sunshine!

When I remarked it was like looking out over a lake, he said "That's why it's called the 'sea of fog.'"

Angelina enjoyed her walk with Papa!


Marcy said...

My poor husband, spoiled by Texas and California winters, has not been dealing well with this winter fog. At least he's gotten to go on a few ski trips recently to get him outside and up into the sun.

Cherise said...

Heh - I can relate, having grown up in CA and living now in Texas (although I did spend 9 years in cold climates), I'm going to miss the winters here when we move to CH! My Swiss husband has become much more adapted to Texas winters, so I think he will have an even harder time re-adjusting. I just love the idea of heading up into the mountains to find the sun.

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